Welcome to My Parenting Journey, a blog created by Sammi, a work-from-home mom hoping to share lessons learned along the way. As a parent to an 8-year-old girl who has homeschooled my child, worked remotely, and struggled to keep an organized home, I understand the challenges that come with trying to balance family, career, schooling, and household responsibilities.

That’s why I started this blog – to provide tips, ideas, and encouragement to parents who are navigating similar journeys. Here you’ll find practical advice on:

Homeschooling – From choosing a curriculum to handling socialization, I share what has and hasn’t worked for our family when it comes to homeschooling our daughter. As someone who is passionate about homeschooling, I provide guidance based on my own experiences.

Remote Work for Parents – Juggling your children while working from home can be tricky. I offer guidance on finding legitimate remote jobs, creating a functional workspace, staying productive, and more. As a work-from-home mom myself, I understand the struggles and have found strategies that help.

Home Organization – Keeping a clean and organized home with kids is nearly impossible, or so it seems! I share my best organizing hacks, cleaning shortcuts, and systems that keep the chaos at bay. With an 8-year-old, I’ve had to get creative to maintain order and organization in our home.

As a work-from-home mom to an 8-year-old daughter who has homeschooled on and off over the years, I understand the ins and outs of trying to balance a career with full-time parenting. It’s not easy! But through trial and error, I’ve found tips and tricks that make juggling everything a little more manageable.

I hope this blog provides helpful and practical advice as you navigate your own parenting journey. Please look around, and don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions! I look forward to connecting.